Migraine headache is mainly caused by any of the following factors.

  • Emotional stress
  • Physical stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Medication
  • Improper diet

Migraine Headache in children

The symptoms and cause of migraine are different for each age. The causes of migraine headache in a child will be different from that of an adult. A school going child may get a bad headache during the afternoon sessions. The child and the parents may get completely confused without knowing how to cure this. It may take some time to diagnose and confirm that it is migraine headache. In most cases, eating an acidic diet for lunch causes this problem in a school going kid. Not eating a proper lunch results in fatigue. This causes physical stress and migraine headache. Concentrating in class lectures for longer durations induce mental stress in students. This can also result in migraine.

Migraine Headache in adults

In a grown up person, causes of migraine headache will be different from that of a child. The fast lifestyle and improper diet plan plays a major role. Professional and family stress takes a toll on mental health. Constantly facing pressure situations in life causes migraine headache. Lack of sleep and working late nights may result in migraine headache. Reduced alkaline levels in the body is a major factor. Dehydration results in increased PH levels and in turn increases acidity in the body. Sometimes, migraine is caused due to psychological patterns in an individual.

For instance, consider a person regularly have tea at 04.00 pm and once misses it. Tea contains the active ingredient caffeine. It also contains stimulants theobromine and theophylline. The psychological aspect kicks in. The mind of the person will start asking – Where is my daily dose of active ingredients and stimulants? It creates a feeling by itself that something is lacking. This applies stress on the body. This will cause migraine headache.

The Caffeine effect

Caffeine temporarily cures migraine by inhibiting adenosine receptors in the brain.
Can Caffeine cure migraine?

Insufferable migraine can take away hours and days of productivity at work. Migraine is a known issue among corporates. You will see a coffee vending machine in every floor of a corporate office. An espresso coffee contains enough caffeine to suppress migraine. Intake one cup of pitch black espresso and within minutes you will see signs of relief.

Caffeine does not cure migraine. But it just makes the brain forget it. Caffeine inhibits brain’s adenosine receptors to do this. It takes the mind and body to a jolly good mood by stimulating dopamine. It has a disadvantage as well. Stimulating dopamine results in depleting serotonin. Serotonin is important to regulate sleep cycles, pain control, and digestion.

Choosing Caffeine as a natural cure for migraine headache should be reconsidered when taking its negatives into account.

Mind your Posture

Posture correction can cure migraine.
Posture correction can help cure migraine.

Posture correction is the most natural remedy that any migraine patient can adopt easily in life. consciously correct your posture while you sit, stand, or walk for 10 days and see the difference for yourself. It not only cure migraine but also gives you immense confident and winning attitude.

Some may have weak abdominal muscles and that could cause slouching. This can be treated by doing abdominal workouts like ab-crunches regularly. Some may have a weak muscle system supporting the lower back. Back-raise exercises can clear this problem naturally. A strong muscle system at the abdomen and the lower back can give you a good and healthy posture.

Avoid fermented curd

Fermented curd causes migraine.
Fermented curd can cause migraine

Eating fermented curd for lunch has been a long-standing routine in many cultures. This will make your afternoons insufferable for sure. The chemical reaction which it invokes in the stomach and intestine is so intense and vigorous. It completely destabilises your body and mind. Sometimes, it may lead to vomiting and giddiness. The final stage of this phenomenon is migraine for people who are prone to it.

At any cost, one should avoid fermented curd from the diet. It is not at all necessary for the body, rather it is harmful. Curd when eaten along with fishes and prawns also can cause a chemical reaction.

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