FUE Hair Transplant
FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant is the latest natural hair restoration method. It is a surgical procedure with minimum recovery period. FUE Hair Transplant is preceded by FUT Hair Transplant.

Why Hair Loss?

Hair loss treatment by FUE Hair Transplant
Hair Loss in Men caused by Androgen

The effect of Androgen hormone causes baldness in males. Androgenic hair loss mainly affects the front and middle portion of the head.

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE means Follicular Unit Extraction. As the name suggests, extracted hair follicles from the donor area and implanted on the bald regions. The donor area will always be the back side of the head. Hair at the back of the head is the most suitable for Hair Transplant. The hair in this region is genetically immune to Androgen. This hair is extraction takes place at the follicular. The surgeon then implants the hair in the hair-lost areas using an implanter.

Know your surgeon

Hair Transplant should be done by Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetologists or Dermatologists
Know your Hair Transplant Surgeon before doing the Surgery

Hair Transplant is not a cosmetic procedure. It is never advisable to do Hair Transplant in a Beauty Salon. Before doing the Hair Transplant surgery, always consult a qualified Doctor. Always make sure your Doctor is one of the following.

  • Plastic Surgeon
  • Cosmetologist
  • Dermatologist

Clinical Facilities for FUE Hair Transplant

Sterile Operation Theatre is necessary for FUE Hair Transplant best results
Sterile Operation Theatre is necessary for HT procedure

A proper Hair Transplant clinic will have the following facilities.

  • Sterile Operation Theatre
  • Fumigation Facility
  • Full time anaesthetist
  • Vital Signs Monitoring
  • Blood test facility

Hair Transplant results is multiple wounds. Even though the wounds are small is size, it may cause infection. If the operation theatre is not sterile, germs can enter the body through the wounds. This makes sterile operation theatre a must.

Local anaesthesia is given to the patients before the surgery by injecting Lignocaine. Some patients are allergic to lignocaine. This leads to Lignocaine complication. Sometimes, this can result in fatalities. In order to avoid such situations, the patient should be tested with a sample dose. This rules out the chance of any complication. During the surgery, an anaesthetist should be present for monitoring the patient.

How to choose a good Hair Transplant clinic?

How to choose a good clinic?
Choose the right Hair Transplant Clinic

Bear in mind these points while choosing a clinic to your Hair Transplant.

  • Make sure that the Doctor you consult is a qualified Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetologist, or a Dermatologist
  • Ask how many HT surgeries the Doctor has attended
  • See photos of patients who have already done HT
  • Ask for patient reference
  • In the case of Dermatologists in India, ask for IADVL membership
  • Get confirmation on the required number of grafts and cost per graft
  • Get confirmation on the required number of days
  • Ensure taking proper blood tests and verify the results
  • Ensure proper and sterile Operation theatre setup
  • Confirm there is an autoclaving facility available at the clinic
  • Make sure that the consulted Doctor is doing the HT surgery also
  • Make sure that the same Doctor is performing the extraction and implantation
  • Beware – Some clinics may allocate a qualified Doctor only to take consultation
  • After extraction, use the holding-tray to count the number of grafts extracted
  • Beware – Some clinics may charge you for 3000 grafts, but implant only 2500
  • Ensure the presence of anaesthetist throughout the surgery
  • Beware – Deaths have happened due to anaesthesia complications
  • Confirm that the Operation Theatre has devices to monitor your vitals during the surgery
  • Try to opt clinics using magnifying loops for getting a better result
  • Confirm that the same qualified Doctor is available starting from consultation to Hair Transplant Surgery and Reviews

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