Sore throat. Image Credit -
Sore throat. Image Credit -

How Sore throat starts?

Dust allergy can cause sore throat
Dust allergy can cause sore throat. Image credit –

If you are allergic to eating cold food items or inhaling dust, it sure you would have got sore throat at least once. It all starts as an irritating feeling in the throat. After one night’s sound sleep, tonsils will enlarge and mucus will fill the sinus cavities. It’s painful and tough to cop up with that situation. In case if you don’t treat it at that point, it leads to ear infection which affects hearing and causes imbalance. In subsequent stages the body temperature rising to feverish levels. You will feel cold and the body shivers. Simultaneously chest infection and cough will also start. All this could happen in a very short time span of two days.

The Doctor prescribes Antibiotics

Antibiotics for sore throat have their disadvantages also
Too much antibiotics is not good for your body. Image credit –

If you go to a Doctor, most probably Antibiotics are prescribed at this point. Along with all its positive effects, antibiotics have its disadvantages also. Strong antibiotics at higher doses will numb your taste buds. It causes gastric problems and burns in the stomach. In order to mitigate such issues you will have to take more medicines in the form of tablets containing vyzilac, vitamin b complex, pandapresol etc.

Usually antibiotics are administered in courses and it cannot be stopped mid-way. 5 to 7 days of medication using such huge quantities of strong antibiotics and associated medicines is not good for your kidneys. Imagine what will happen if you get into similar situations once in two months or so.

The Magic Medicine

Chlorhexidine, the wonder drug that avoids sore throat. Image credit –

Fortunately there is a way to stop the sore throat at the initial stages itself. before it leads to infection and fever. A wonder drug called Chlorhexidine can save us from all this. It comes in the form of mouthwash. Normal gargling in diluted form removes germs from the mouth. But this is not enough for treating sore throat. Let the non-diluted mouthwash reach deeper into the larynx and remain there until you get gag reflex. The soothing effect of the mouthwash shall fill the larynx and up until some parts of the nostrils.

Next day morning, when you wake up, you will find out that your throat irritation has vanished without leading to any sort of infection. This method will save you from weeks of strong medication, antibiotics, and pain. You will not miss your work days or school for even once due to sore throat. Using Chlorhexidine to clear sore throat will keep your dietary routine intact and your body as healthy as before. The main advantage of this method is that it avoids the necessity of using high dose antibiotics. Frequent use of antibiotics may lead to antibiotics induced diseases like C.Diff infection.

How a Simple Throat Sore can spoil your day?

Throat sore is always related to the insufferable pain that induces to the throat and inability to eat your favourite foods. But it can cause more problems than that.

Imagine you have a job interview scheduled on a particular day and you are unfortunately having throat sore that day. You will not be able to give the interview as satisfactorily as you would like it to be.

Imagine you have a date which you were longing for and if you get a throat sore, you are going to get your date spoiled.

An infected sinus hinders your smelling and listening capabilities. It pushes you down to an oblivious state. Your senses will respond slowly and your reflex lags. It becomes dangerous to drive or walk through a busy street.

Do not wait for more than two days?

Chlorhexidine is effective for sore throat only if you use it right at the start when you feel irritation in your throat. If you see any signs of the sore throat becoming sever, don’t wait. Kindly visit a Doctor and get the required medication fast.

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